Beyond Data Event

At the European Beyond Data Event all the communities and stakeholders from around the world are together to share experiences and enthusiasm, shape innovative ideas and tackle problems.

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What to expect at the Beyond Data Event 2018?


For the 9th edition of the Beyond Data Event we want to live up to our promise. What is THE Beyond behind the Beyond?
We have heard the discussions about privacy and ethics in previous events, we have seen the struggle of the cities to open op their data and the longing for the theory to become practice.

For this edition we take a step into the future and we dare every speaker to take the public with them. And yes, of course, the cities will take the stand and of course ethics will remain an issue


View our website for more information about the Beyond Data Event

Some of the topics to be discussed on 29 March 2018 include:


  • Innovation in data, Smart Cities & Internet of Things
  • Developments in the use of personal data: healthcare, social care and more
  • Embedding smart cities as a backbone  of infrastructure, equipment, protocols
  • HELPDESK of cities and data science labs
  • Connecting Tech to Reality: how do we match technology with the needs of society
  • Pilots are good, but what’s next? What’s real?
  • Help needed: sharing user cases & best practice. How can you help? What are the challenges?


View our website for more information about the Beyond Data Event

View our website for more information about the Beyond Data Event

Date & Location

29th of March 2018 | Van der Valk Hotel, Eindhoven

View our website for more information about the Beyond Data Event.


Algemene Informatie

Type: Congres
Prijs: €699,- excl. btw
Datum: 29th of March 2018
Locatie: Van der Valk Hotel, Eindhoven

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